Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Every Evening

I'm waiting for him to come home.  Well, I'm not waiting as much as dreading.  Every day it's the same questions:

1.  What kind of mood will he be in?
2.  What will he accuse me of or complain about?
3.  What will he ask me to do?  Demand that I do?
4.  How much will he interrogate me about my day?
5.  Will he ignore everyone again?
6.  Will he make a bunch of noise just to entertain himself?
7.  Will he complain that I didn't cook anything for him, even though he hates almost everything I make and tells me I'm not as good at cooking as I think I am?  And he does his own food shopping?

I'm guessing I'll be able to go off the blood pressure meds when I leave him.  This is too much stress for one person.

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