Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Need to Dress As A Monster When He Is One

Well, at least it saves money on Halloween costumes.  A "Stealth Monster."  Yep.

He looks like a real person, but he's really not.  Real people have empathy, compassion, kindness, humanity, and more.  Monsters do not.  They pretend to so they can draw you in and devour you.  They mimic normal human emotions and make you think they are real people, and the more sensitive you are, the more you are an easy target for them.  They love to make a meal out of those who are caring, considerate, and who are sensitive to others' feelings. 

So Mr. Monster insisted on buying candy for the neighborhood panhandlers, AKA "trick-or-treating" children.  He asked if I would put something up outside to let them know to stop by and knock, and that he really wanted ours to be a house where they could stop instead of keeping the lights out and ignoring them.  OK.  I can make it look a little Halloweenie outside without too much effort.  And I did.  It actually looked pretty good.  But you know what?  He stayed at work.  Late.  For no real reason.  After he didn't come home, I called him to find out when he was coming home to pass out candy that he insisted on getting, and he said he wasn't sure.

He finally strolled in around 7, after a good hour-and-a-half of doorbell ringing and resulting begging.  Did he take over?  Nope.  He sat on the couch and gave me attitude when I told him that his trick-or-treaters were waiting on him.  I reminded him that I took care of it so far, and it was HIS plan, and it was at HIS insistence that I decorate.  He bought the candy for this too.  He finally started answering the door after I (and my oldest child) left the living room and did other things.  

Worthless asshole.

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