Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Talk Abusive To Me: Part One

The "Hall of Fame" of his comments to me...

1. You're not as smart as you think you are.

2. You're not as sane as you think you are.

3. You're not as good as that kind of thing as you think you are (and it's what I did for a living before we met).

4. Take your fucking kids and get out.

5. You can eat my gun.

6.  Your stress is self-inflicted.

7.  You're hypersensitive.

8. You're more sensitive than most.

9. You have stronger reactions than most.

10. I'll just keep them away from you.  (Referring to why he won't invite his parents to our house anymore after I told him that his mother had been rude to me and to my youngest child).

11. I wouldn't believe I said something unless you played a recording of me saying it.

12. You are trying to manipulate me.

13. I don't trust you.

14. You have no concept of money.

15. Not everything you read about is true.

16. I learned a long time ago that being smart and having 50 cents will get you a soda.

17. You do it too.

18. You're a slob too.

19. You don't care about anyone.

20. You like making fun of people.

21. I knew plenty of people with an IQ of [my IQ], and they seemed a lot smarter than you.

22.  So much for that superior intellect (said when my middle child missed the bus at school).

23.  You didn't do it right.  (When I asked why he took down curtains and put my decorative things away while I was in the hospital for a week).

24.  I couldn't do anything for you anyway (when I asked why he went to a divorce attorney during my back surgery and didn't tell me until two weeks later--and claimed he did it to get information for US.  When I was in pre-op, and he was leaving, he claimed he needed to go to work because of something important he had to do).

25.  What will I get out of it?

26.  I forgot that I didn't trust you.  (When I asked him what was wrong and said things had seemed to be going better for a while.)

27.  Talking to you is like arguing with a tree trunk.

28.  I need you to have a better attitude toward [his ex-wife] so that I can keep the minimally positive attitude I've maintained.

29.  I want you to hold your convictions strong and dear, no matter how wrong or stupid they are.

30.  Fortunately for me, you are almost never right.


  1. I'm scared. This reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Eesh, he was a narc and a half...

    "I believe that you believe I said that."

    "You're trying to manipulate me."

    Me: What would you do if I got pregnant?
    Him: I would leave you.

    Yeah. Scary stuff.

  2. Wow...there's only part of me that could remember more of what the asshole said to me...then maybe you'd feel like you had a comrade in all of this. Believe me though...some of this stuff just sounds so eerily familiar to me, even though I can't remember exact phrases like you have (other than some of the ones above)...

    I'm so sorry!

  3. Many of them I had to write down not long after he said them. Mostly I was so shocked that he did that they just stuck in my head. I've probably forgotten 3-4 times as much as I wrote here.