Monday, June 18, 2012

Email To Another Friend

This one was written 3/18/2010, after we had been married for 9 months.  I didn't see it for several months after.

The girls are 15, 13, & 11.  [Sweetness] grew up in a fundamentalist
household and is very much an atheist as a result. So are the girls.
I think it is kind of funny cause she is, in many ways, just as close
minded as any christian extremist. She seems to believe with minimal
questioning the dogma from the scientific prophets (Einstein, Hawking,
etc), but my mentioning of what the buddha really taught is met with
dersion and dismissal as being a religion, which is automatically
considered BS. Very little openess to come and see for
theirselves...minds made up before the start.
I know what you mean about the stadium and teh minor leagues. We have
a triple A team in [local area]. Its a good time with eaay parking. But
I figure a trip to big league stadium is something everyone should do
at least once.
So he tells one friend that me being an atheist doesn't matter one way or the other, but he writes two emails about how I won't participate in his interpretation of Buddhism.  He used it as a club really.  When I mentioned things I needed or that the girls needed, he would say that "possessions are unnecessary."  He had no furniture of his own, but he hated all of mine.  Such strong opinions on the style of my belongings for someone who isn't supposed to be interested in that sort of thing.  Lying sack of shit.

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