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From June 13, 2011

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On The Road To Recovery

I had my surgery May 24, so tomorrow makes 3 weeks. It went well, other than the crappy nursing care, but I can stand up straight finally.

Sunday before last (almost two weeks post-op) DH told me that he had seen an attorney while I was in surgery and recovery. He had dropped me off at the hospital before my surgery and then left to go to work, claiming he was too busy at work to stay. I asked him (when he told me about the lawyer appointment) if he actually did go to work, and he said "yes," but I'm doubtful. I was in shock. Going to an attorney to see how much a divorce will cost while your wife is having major back surgery? What a psychopath. When I told him that I was shocked and horrified that he would do such a thing, he replied, "well, I couldn't have done anything for you anyway." He claimed he was trying to get information so "we" would know what our options were. So why wait two weeks to tell me? Why not tell me beforehand in case I had questions too?

So my health is better, and my marriage is basically over. Only now, he's being nice--possibly because he saw me reading a book called Without Conscience by Robert Hare. It's a book about psychopaths. He tends to act nicer when he gets the impression that I think he's a monster, and that other people might catch on. Of course, he says he really isn't a monster, but that it's just my perception. And that it's possible that I could be right, but it's highly unlikely.

What a prince.

And now his kid is here for two weeks, and guess who has to stay with her all day every day while he's at work? Oh, that would be me. It's not like I've just had back surgery or anything. I even had to go pick her up, spending an hour in the car, which hurt like hell. My oldest went with me and gathered the kid from BM while I waited in the car. Of course BM called DH after we had already arrived to ask where "he" was, and if he was coming to get her. He called me and said he thought he was gonna have to leave work because I hadn't shown up yet, and I told him that we had been there for five minutes already and were loading up SD's crap into the car. He said, "BM just called me only 60 seconds ago." I said that I didn't know why because she was sitting outside waiting for us and saw us drive up. And I reminded him that she's done this before. She knew I would be returning SD once time between 10-11 AM, and after I had dropped off SD, she emailed DH, asking him when I was supposed to get there with SD, and "should I call?" I had dropped the kid off like 30 minutes before.

And last time SD7 was here, I had picked her up from school, and she had been here for a couple of hours without a problem, but when she heard DH drive up, she sat in her room and made herself cry (it was creepy to see and hear) and was crying when he walked in. She then called BM and could barely talk because of crying, telling BM that she "missed" her "so much." Yeah. She had seen her that morning. The kid is learning how to be a master manipulator, and she has learned from the best.

Narcissistic BM, narcissistic/psychopathic husband, creepy and messed-up SD7....

Gotta love it.

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