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Gotta Love It

So I had my second back surgery (in four months) three weeks ago today.

SD7 is here for two weeks, and guess who she stays with all day? Uh...me. And my three daughters. It makes me so mad that DH gets this summer visitation (it's in their decree) and he actually schedules it, but I'm the fucking person who has to stay with the fucking kid. AND I JUST HAD FUCKING BACK SURGERY!!! It's not like he cut his workdays short either. He leaves at or before 7 AM and doesn't get home until 7 PM or after. And when he gets home, he's on the computer or lying on the bed with a book or pillow on his face. And then he's pissed that he has to take care of SD7. I'm sure as shit not doing it. (In previous discussions) He's actually said that he doesn't think he should have to supervise her feeding/bathing junk because he worked all day. I flipped out and said I had NO sympathy for him. Ya know..cuz I, like, used to be a single mother and shit? Full time school, part-time work, three children aged 4 and under, exclusive breastfeeding, no help from their father (he lived 90 minutes away), no help from my family (who lived 5 minutes away) and so on? Yeah, his life is so hard.

He actually told me that he wanted me to have her "engaged" in things instead of her doing nothing. Um, let's see. Perhaps I should engage her in seeing me eating drugs every few hours? I'm supposed to wear this white Xena Warrior Princess back brace. Should I show her how to put it on me? Maybe I could engage her in helping me put my underwear on too?

I think that son of a whore actually expects me to entertain his monster child. He gets offended if I ( and my teenage daughters) don't have much to do with SD7. They're doing their thing, plus helping me out, I'm recovering (and only just now able to sit in a regular chair without pain), so how in the world are we supposed to devote our days to making sure SD7 isn't bored and unhappy during her two-week time time with "him?"

BM sent SD7 here with a cellphone. Big no-no. The phone has been a HUGE issue between the two of them. BM thinks she needs to talk to the kid all the time during the kid's time with her dad, and BM gets CRAZY when she can't. They went to mediation about it (and other things) recently, which I will write about as soon as I can think about it all without wanting to vomit. SD7 got here yesterday morning (guess who had to drive and get her? Uh, yea...ME) and texted back and forth with her mother for 2-3 hours, called her, and such. I guess if the kid has nothing better to do...

I read the messages, which were filled with "I miss you," "Cry cry boo hoo" and shit like that. DH did take the phone away and put it on top of the fridge. Judges here don't really tolerate the cellphone crap, according to DH's attorney.

I do have a question...

How bad is it that I can't stand to even talk to SD7? I don't even want to be in the same room with her. I can't stand to see her drink out of my glasses (DH's-- I don't care), and I HATE seeing the junk food he buys her in my nicely organized pantry. I've gotten so bad about this. I know it's immature, but it just drives me nuts. Maybe it's because if one of my children touches anything of SD7's both she and DH go apeshit. Oh, but she can dig through DD12's cosmetics, play with DD12's American Girl dolls, play their video games, create a profile for herself on their Xbox, and is supposed to be treated like a little princess when she's here. The kid will climb the ladder of the bunk beds, shine the flashlight in DD12's face to see if she's asleep and then go dig through DD12's things. But if DD12 brushes SD7's doll's hair or stands it up, puts an outfit on it, SD7 flips out. And if DD12 has candy or anything, SD7 tells DD12 she's supposed to share it with her.

SD7 will be here for another 2-week visit at the end of the summer.

Fucking lovely.

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