Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From June 15, 2011

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He Told Me Today, "I Don't Trust You At All"

Isn't that just great?

I asked him if he trusted me with SD7, and he said, "No." But I have to watch her every day while he goes to work. He gets two two-week periods of visitation, plus regular stuff (every other Wed-Sun), and he isn't taking any leave for any of it.

I asked him what he thinks I will do or not do wrong concerning his child. He said "I don't know." So either he's just being an asshole, or he really doesn't care about his kid. I mean, to leave your kid with someone you "don't trust?"

I do think he does this kind of stuff to justifiy his bad treatment of me. If I'm so awful, then he doesn't have to treat me with respect. If everything is my fault, then it's ok to treat me like crap.

Ugh. Narcissists...

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