Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From September 12, 2011

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He Hates My Food, Unless He Wants To Give It To His Kid

I bake. I cook. I do it all from scratch, using quality ingredients and such. I'm always looking for new ideas and techniques and like to keep an open mind about cuisine.  He is the "no one does it better than mommy, even if her food tastes like shit, mommy's is always better" kind. I've had food his mother made, and it was awful. Objectively awful, not just my snobby opinion.

He criticizes me for everything.

My furniture, wardrobe, jewelry, hobbies, hairstyles (I straightened my hair once, and he told me I looked like a witch)...

My linens, accessories, kitchenware, appliances...

My food--he hates almost everything I make, but then he'll eat a lot of it, complain about it, and when I ask him why he ate something he didn't like, he says, "It was all there was." He had threatened for a long time to "separate everything and make separate meals," and I said OK. So I split up his dishes from mine because he complained if something of his had a smudge on it or wasn't microscopically clean coming from the dishwasher. It got so bad that he threw dishes into the sink because there was a crumb stuck to one of his mugs. I started having panic attacks about fucking dishes and had to forbid my children from unloading the dishwasher after that. He gets mad if someone eats something that he thinks is "his," but he won't label it, even when I've asked him to. So he bought two locks and keeps non-perishable food in his room, locked up in a heavy-duty container. This really pisses me off when we are almost out of food, and I have no money to buy more. Then I have to beg him to let the girls "borrow" some of his ramen noodles.

He makes fun of things I make and has walked into the kitchen, lifted the lid of something on the stove, and asked, "What's this shit?"

So does it make sense that after I made cinnamon rolls yesterday (a really great recipe from Gourmet magazine) that it pissed me off that he asked me this morning if he could offer one to his child? The child who is fed nothing but shit food and couldn't tell a homemade cinnamon roll from a stale Walmart one? She gets one of my cinnamon rolls that take 4 hours to make? Not one month ago, she had asked him if I would make her birthday cake, and he wouldn't let me, and also told me not to make any food for her?

He left 3 hours early to take her back to BM, and he said he was "annoyed." Which means he'll be a monster when he gets home and will probably threaten to have the electricity turned off (or the internet) unless I give him money (that I don't have) by the end of the day.

Fuck my life...


  1. Holy shit, he is horrible. Locked his food away? I mean, holy shit.

  2. Yep. That was my life. But to hear him describe our marriage, it was all about what we were doing to him, and how hard it was on him. Fuckstain.