Friday, June 8, 2012

Is He a Psychopath? His Latest Comment

This was written in October 2011.

I was informed by Prince Charming that people allow themselves to be insulted, offended, or hurt by what someone says to them.  Did you know that?  If he says something cruel to me, and I'm hurt by it, then I chose to let it upset me?  A very convenient line of thinking for an abuser to have.  That way, he's never responsible for his own behavior.

So I guess that means I can say all sorts of things to him too, right?  I can insult him, belittle him, disparage him, yell at him, call him names, swear at him...

I wish.  He lives in the world of double standards, created by HIM.  He gets to be an asshole, but I have to be nice.  He has actually told me he has higher standards and expectations for me than for other people.  

Aren't I a lucky girl?  

I know he has a huge narcissism problem, but I've wondered if he's a psychopath.  He claimed I wrote an email accusing him of being one, but I did not.  He accuses me of reading too much "pop psychology" and tells me I "need to get a hobby" when I try to address his bad behavior.  If he walks in on me reading anything related to human behavior, he tells me I'm "obsessed."  Convenient.  He loves to do that:  make me out to be the crazy one because I'm trying to learn something.  I'm "looking for something to be upset about."

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