Friday, September 14, 2012

Suicide Threats

Ever known anyone who committed suicide?  I have.  It was very sad, and I wish they could have gotten help before taking their own life.  There was little to no warning, which is usually the problem.

Ever known someone who threatens to commit suicide?  The talking mask started doing this a few months before I left him.  He would threaten suicide after all of his other tricks failed, and when I notified his family and mother of this child (because he made a threat in front of his 8-year-old daughter) he then claimed that I was crazy, and that I "betrayed" and "blindsided" him.  I wasn't so worried that he would commit suicide, but I was seriously concerned that he was talking like this in front of his own child.

People who are truly suicidal don't usually talk about it.  They just do it. It makes it hard to catch them in time because they are serious and think it's their only way out.  They certainly don't make an announcement about it just to get attention.

I wondered what it meant that I wished he would commit suicide.  I don't wish it now after being divorced from him because I don't think about him that much at all.  He would have gotten all sorts of sympathy, but then people would have been heaping it onto me, and he couldn't have that.  So that's probably the main reason he never would have done himself in: the attention he thinks I would have gotten that he thought he was entitled to.  Can't have anyone stealing his thunder.

I'm guessing they also see the sympathy suicidal people get and want it for themselves when all their other methods for getting attention fail.  So I guess my point is this: someone who threatens suicide in front of you (and other people) is more than likely a manipulative bastard somewhere in the cluster B family.

Back away slowly and then RUN.


  1. When some one throws that card out no one wins. The person who is making the threats think they are winning, but they really are eroding their credibility bit by bit.
    It's impossible to make them see.
    When they make these threats in front of their children it is even more reprehensible.
    You can do what I do. Hand them a gun and tell them to do it somewhere bedsides in the home.
    It ruins the resale value of the house.

  2. When I left a man who had turned into a screaming control freak, he called my cell phone and left messages telling me to take care of his pets, because he was going to kill himself if I didn't come back to him.

    I called 911 and reported his suicide threat. They immediately dispatched a lot of police and other emergency personnel to his home.

    Which wasn't the response he was looking for. Ha!